Common Humanity
Project info

This photographs are taken form a series called ‘Common Humanity’ and is photographed at the Walton Street Market & Car Boot, in Hull, East Yorkshire on 2 separate occasions: January and October 2019. In many ways the series was as much about me and my search for the past as it was looking at the country and trying to understand the psyche of the people from Hull. The market is situated very close to my parents house. As a teenager I spent a lot of time around Walton Street and the nearby West Park with my best friend Paul, we would walk our dogs and discussed girls and music. Back then they was no weekly car boot market, instead nothing happened on this large expanse of common land until Hull Fair come to town, the annual event held in October for one week. During this time the air was thick with the smell of fish and chips mixed with the exhaust fumes from diesel generators, the sound of loud music, DJ encouraging the people on rides to “scream if they want to go faster…” For me, a trip to Walton Street was the hope that I’d meet a lovely girl.