Dream State
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Dream State

The intention of this project is to explore the power of memory.

Our memories are never the exact reality of the moment in which we experienced them. They are subjective and disjointed.
They are exaggerated through the emotion we attach to them both at that moment and in the proceeding years of recollection.

Memories are powerful in the way we use them to construct our identity. They are a record we keep. The exact details of the memory seem to be of less importance than the emotion we experienced.

While we make conscious effort to block access to painful memories, we also have the ability to open channels to access the beautiful ones.
Accessing these beautiful memories we have and channelling the strong emotions associated with them can transport us out of reality and into what feels like a daydream.

Images in all forms, whether real or imagined, play an important role in triggering access to our memories.

In photographing this project I am seeking to capture the atmosphere of an image as opposed to sharp reality. I relied more on my senses and emotion when approaching a scene in an attempt to open a channel to my memories.