Project info

My photographs are characterized by their bold color, artistic concept, often with elements of Surrealism. I usually capture my projects in series of 3-10 pictures and likes to hide social themes into them.
As a demonstration of my work I send samples of five series. The first one (night bus stop) is dedicated to Cathy (real person in the photo) , a victim of domestic violence. Katka was 18 years old when her mother died tragically, and she had to take care of her younger brother. Her then husband, father of her son, was supposed to support her. Instead, he turned out to be a rapist, and Katka was forced to flee with her son. Her husband found her and one January afternoon he fired two shots at her.
After that, he turned the gun on himself.
Having undergone several operations, Katka survived and decided to tell her story through one of my series of photos.
Also other series that I attach are devoted to a topic or human story. My aim is to link art photography with current social topics.