Project info

‘When we first see the light,
the light of a new day, risen from the sky
A bright new day in white: clear and bright
No secrets hiding, the reflection of the sun arising

The night, the darkness of life
starlight opens up another world
It is unknown, mysterious and hard to imagine

The power of the opposites
Black & white are strong
The opposites also belong’

When I thought for the first time about creating a new body of work I started studying light and darkness. It is a huge subject which inspires me for a long time already. This subject is so huge which off course is in the first place the reasons why it is even possible that we are living on earth.
During my research period, I was taught that light and darkness moves in waves and exists of very many small parts. This magical structure is normal to us but as a photographer searching for light and darkness it is an inspiration and reason to express it in a photo story.

The first idea was to create portraits which were either very dark or light but during my survey I found it necessary to add landscape images to the suitable portraits, which resulted in duo images.
Once I decided to visualize this concept in landscape images as well I searched for a location where there are white & black colours combined in the landscape. For me Iceland embodies this with its immense lava fields and snowy weather during winter time (I visited Iceland in February).
The landscape images chosen for this project are: glacier, ice rocks, streams and lava rocks (due to the many volcano eruption lava flowed over Iceland and solidified when it reached the sea, it created fairy-tale like rocks).