The Fringe Project
Project info

The Fringe Project is a collaboration with photographer Cato Lein and myself.

Vivifying the veiled and clandestine.

The Fringe-project is a project where old photo-negatives and polaroid’s are metamorphosed into new abstract compositions.
It is photos from the old archives that were never used, the ones that were discarded and forgotten.
It is traditional analog photography digitally rendered.

So, what is hidden, in the fringes of our minds?
If we dig ourselves into the core and out in the fringes of our thoughts and emotions, there in the periphery it is not clear who we are to the world around us.
It is always that part of us that we hide from our surroundings and even from ourselves.

In the fringes of our minds every thought and emotion is allowed, even; the dark, the fragile, the scratching of old scabs and scars of our souls, our fear, our loneliness, our resentment, the most unthinkable wishes, our judging, immorality, greediness, jealously, the longing of secret love.

A haven for unthinkable thoughts and emotions, a meeting with our estranged self. We see it, we feel it, but it always stays hidden and clandestine to us.