el Hombrecino (the Little Man)
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For more than 30 years, my grandfather kept a list in his wallet. It was a very carefully folded piece of paper which contained a typed list of names. Every time he read those names to me, he was deeply moved.

These people were friends and neighbors from his and surrounding villages. They had all been snatched from their homes and executed during the war. Since then, nobody ever knew anything more of them. It was impressive to see how clearly he recalled each one of these people. In fact, they had never really disappeared; they had all been present in his memory throughout these years.

One day, driven by the desire of telling the story of my grandparents and the list, I went to look for those names. I embarked myself in a voyage through the sites of the Spanish Civil War and the exhumations of people in common graves. In 2012, I went to my grandfather’s village. There, I discovered that the persons in the list had been unburied some years ago by a commited major and had been honoured.

He had not visited his village for more than 20 years. A few months later, we went to meet them together.

el Hombrecino is a story of a reunion. Of an old man and his memory.