A Year Book
Project info

My home is a farm in East Iceland. I immigrated to Iceland 15 years ago. I teach at a small countryside school called, “ Brúarásskóli.” These photographs are of my students. By taking pictures of my home, job place and new family I am documenting a path in life I never planned or expected.

The school is comprised of roughly 45 students ranging from preschool to grade ten. As a teacher from another country I have found tolerance, acceptance and caring from this small community of young people. Through the years I have watched them learn, grow, love, and grieve as they leave childhood to become young adults.

As a woman I do not have children of my own. Since arriving to this school I have realised the power an adult can make in a child’s life. It is immense. I am fulfilled as both a woman and a teacher in this very small community. It is a privilege.