Portfolio Category - LCEA 2013
Project info

«Seduction» is a serie of photographs of the altars of Baroque churches.
I selected these churches for their exuberance, and for the saturation level of their ornamentation.
This profligacy of splendor stuns the senses and, at first glance, produces an effect tending towards abstraction.
The goal of this approach is to show how the extravagance of the Baroque is a critical shortcut for looking at the dramatic character of our current society.
Thus, by choosing Baroque churches as a metaphor of spectacle, my pictures also work as a historical reminder of the function of pictures: a very powerful tool for communication, manipulation and, indeed, propaganda.

«Meeting» is a serie of shareholders’ meetings.
This serie serves as a continuation of the work that I began in the «Seduction» series.
Here, I wanted to deepen my approach by tackling the contemporary tools linked directly to power.
The saturated opulence of the Baroque is replaced by smooth and clean surfaces. This new design conveys the idea of seriousness and transparency. But these architectural structures recall much older ways of controlling bodies. The palaces of absolute monarchs with their royal walkways. The political conventions of dictatorial regimes, taking place in stadiums or large showrooms.
In photographing these structures, I over-exposed the main elements in order to highlight their structural and contextual data. This brings the environmental aspects of these manifestations to light: stadiums or showrooms, filled with a military-like organization of chairs. These ephemeral presentations become iconic, spectacular prisms of their power in the capitalistic system.
My work tries to show some sort of connection between the tools of ideological control produced by contemporary corporate economic power and the tools designed to control bodies in the era of spectacular historical power.