Am I not scared anymore?
Project info

About 55 thousand cases of breast cancer are detected in Russia every year - this is a lot. And behind the statistics and figures are the stories of thousands of women who fight with the disease every day.
When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, not only surgery is important, but also the condition after. First of all, this is hard emotional work, the process of accepting new body, the process of dealing with fears. Is it possible to eradicate them to the end, is it necessary?
In the project “Am I not scared anymore?” girls who have survived breast cancer or are still struggling with it pose for portraits and tell their stories reflecting on what happened. The diagnosis and subsequent postoperative processes transformed their personality - they changed their attitude towards themselves, their femininity, time and priorities.
For most women with such a diagnosis, nude photography is not possible for a number of reasons, including total rejection of a new body. But the heroines of the project decided on this step. Thus the project is becoming a powerful message to all women who find themselves in a similar situation thus dispelling stereotypes about beauty and struggling with stigma.