Project info

Hi, it's my first time submitting my photographs. I'm Tea, I was a journalist in my country. After moving here, I decided that instead of writing, I would tell my story through the universal language of photography. I photographed this man named Denis, who I met and then befriended. He has become somewhat of a hero to me. As a photographer and as a person, my biggest fear is losing my sight. I could never imagine living life without my seeing world around me, and yet, he lives every day with the utmost positivity. Being blind is a completely different world. As my hero, Dennis, says, it's very difficult, but doable. Every time I'm with him, I learn something new. I never knew that seagulls make noise when they eat, while other birds eat silently. People without sight can teach us a lot about life that we would otherwise not spend the time to learn ourselves.