I'm Markus
Project info

I am Pierre Steinhauer!
I almost always photograph people who have a story. People that are looking to live their authenticity. People, that come to me, because they have hope of finding a lost part of themselves.
People that trust me and have never stood in front of a camera before, who have never shown themselves, who hide themselves for all of their lives, never right, never feeling normal, for whom life has chosen a path with obstacles and stones.
I see those people and I want them to be seen: real, tangible, lovable, sometimes heart-breaking and disturbing. I show their emotions in all sincerity, cherish their path, their laughter and their tears, I accompany them a part of the way on their journey to themselves.
I see myself as a visionary. I want to form a reality through my photographs, in which everybody and their fate are accepted. I want to show models on their very personal path: with the wish to reveal some of their own emotions, to put down the protective shell that surrounds each of us.
I am Pierre and I am human! I am a person!