Project info

Girl is an ongoing project that describes the layers of a theme that my work is most concerned with: what it means to be female. This series focuses on what happens to the female psyche as we transform from being girls into womanhood. There’s a devastating realisation a lot of adolescent young women face that their value becomes strongly determined by society's outward approval of them and how they should behave as women. In this series water, and particularly fish in water represents the unconscious, the feminine part of our psyche. The fish also draws out a curiously and playfulness from her that is more associated with a girl. Flowers are associated with many generally accepted feminine qualities, which creates a mould in which women feel they need to fit into. My work attempts to challenge this mould and revive something more authentic. Flowers also represents the sense of flowering, coming of age. The images holds a tension between the innocence and playfulness of being a girl and the sensuality of becoming a woman.