Streets of Havana
Project info

For me, street photography is a mindful experience. It requires sharpening the senses, observing and being anchored in the present.
I become an observer who doesn't have expectations on the outcome and doesn't try to influence the context.
Ever since I started to take photographs I learned to appreciate spontaneity and naturalness and welcome the chance as part of the process.
My work from the last few years includes mostly candid street photography of the locals and sometimes portraits of people in their environment.
While obiously an interaction is needed to obtain my portraits, there is little or no direction at all and their poses come naturally.
My images and approach take inspiration from photographers I've admired during the years, most notably from masters like Nikos Economopoulos, Alex Webb, Harry Gruyaert and Gueorgui Pinkhassov.
While Havana offers some easy to take, easy to impress photographic opportunities, my intention was to go deeper and look for those images that through geometry, light and colors have a strong visual impact to the viewers and guide them on an imaginary travel experience to its streets.