Project info

"I am no one. You don’t know anything about me. I am a passenger, a sailor, a waitress,
an official, a cook, and a technician. Tomorrow I will no longer be here, but it’s as though I’ve been here forever. My life crosses all of those, another thousand people. Crossing a sea, traveling that becomes perpetual motion, becomes a flux of humanity whose souls are floating on a floating city. They become still, in the pulse of the decks, of the corridors, in the pulse of the brilliant salons, and of the play of water in pools. Everyone has a story.
Crossing my shadow, projected on a wall, crossing my profile painted in the light that repeats itself in infinite mirrors, I will tell you a story, a story that is the story of a thousand
others. I become one body, in the apparent chaos of a wavy ship, an enormous beast, that for the mean time I am a part of."
Like looking through the keyhole, I project myself in the lives of the passengers, and the staff of a grand cruise ship. Using my lenses, I have the opportunity to observe many
people, the same and different, giving life an enormous cosmopolitan society amongst the
Every year in Europe cruise ships transport more than 100.000 passengers to every port in
the world. These truly amazing cruise ships, brilliant, and shining cities on the seas are small, but contain the most important concentration of people from all over the world. So, whoever you are, whatever your life is, here, you become part of an enormous mechanism that cycles around and renews itself continually.
It becomes one body, everyone, without any connection or reality to one’s own being.