Family within Us
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I am the son of my parents, a man, a husband, and the last but not least - the father. These pictures are about childhood and the growth of my two sons - Jachym and Matej, raising together with my wife Veronica, somewhere in the former communist country in Eastern Europe. Ordinary and simple story about family as the most important element of life of each individual. Childhood as a stage of life that shapes most of us. Parenthood as a real and infinite source of happiness. Discovering endless and enrich our mutually worlds intertwine us adults and children. Because once we were children too, but we have forgotten. We once were able to live just for the present moment. From children we can learn a lot due to divine knowledge hidden beneath the skin.

We people, having available an inexhaustible source of informations, the latest technology, while still chasing the unfulfillable dreams. Lost and ripped from reality, still looking for the meaning of life in something and forget that the main point is right before their eyes. They're children. The family. The most important thing of all. Far more important than all the events of the world. To live together, naturally and with love.
I love my family.