"Images of Opportunity" A Solo Photography Exhibition in Boston
Project info

During the month of July, 2015, twenty-four of my photographs are currently on display at Fidelity Communications + Advertising, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments located in the Seaport District of Boston, Massachusetts. Because the exhibition is only open to employees and others permitted access to the location, and not to the general public, I am posting it here as well for others to experience.

Artist's Statement accompanying exhibition:
Many of my pictures are coincidental, a combination of events of the photographer, the place, and a moment in time. Like striking a match, the three elements of ignition, oxygen, and fuel come together, and I isolate and record that moment.
Photographing nature has always been a big influence. But beyond pure nature imagery, I’m more interested in depicting the space where the human world and the natural world overlap. Architecture is perhaps the most basic way human beings interact with nature, but beyond complete, whole structures, I’m interested in both the way buildings come into being, as well as how they endure and ultimately disappear.
I try to keep people appearing in my pictures anonymous, so that the viewer becomes more aware of the role their form plays within a scene, rather than becoming the primary subject of the scene. The last six images here depict people visiting museums and art galleries, part of my “People at an Exhibition” series.
I like to call my pictures targets of opportunity where a lot of complex elements create juxtapositions that I hope will catch and draw in the viewer’s attention.