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Anonymous Series:

Our life seems to be over-saturated by images of violence and suffering: stories of disaster, abuse, crime and scandal fill the newspapers and screens and they are more graphic and visual than ever. So what is standing behind this addiction to suffering: is it compassion or voyeurism? What do we see and feel when we confront a victim? What is the mechanism and nature of compassion - is it an evolutionary luxury or a programmed basic instinct that is an intrinsic part of our humanity? Did we become desensitized, do we use the civilized tricks of charitable attention to dehumanize the victim and mask our voyeurism?

There is a term used in psychology “compassion fatigue”, describing lessening of compassion over time as a consequence of over-exposure and desensitisation. Is it becoming an affliction of our society?

The project “Anonymous” was created while I followed the cases of victims that were failed by the justice system and whose choice has been to remain anonymous – the aim was to tell their invisible stories, honour their solitary fight for justice and protect their dignity.

These photographic portraits are the result of an installation of glass cuboids into which animated images were projected.

The images of this series are presented in a grid arrangement.