Sassari 2020, the age of Coronavirus.
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An intense gaze along the streets of a desolate Sassari, a city of 150.000 people in the north of the island ofSardinia, in Italy, where restrictive rules have changed our daily lives, forcing us into our homes, emptying the streets, distancing ourselves from each other, activating control mechanisms to ensure compliance with the rules, conditioning our live common.

The journey, through images, travels through the city of Sassari, projecting the view on a socio-environmental dimension, describing changes and solutions put in place to be able to face the problems of daily living in the time of the virus. The sense of the documentary is also to enhance the fundamental social role that institutions, health, law enforcement, voluntary associations and all workers who play through their work make the period of isolation more sustainable by ensuring community the possibility of being able to use certain services. The path continues through the city districts, telling moments of family life, home interiors, animals that have taken over the spaces left free by man.