The Pandemic Changing Lifestyles: The Beginning April 2020, Detroit
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I enjoy photographing people of all cultures whether just on the street, at festivals and other celebrations. Some are dressed by religious cultural norms, others by neighborhood norms, and some decorate their bodies with ornate decorations. Others have pets but we all cruise the world with dreams, because we just want to have a good time, clowning around and enjoy ourselves with everyone around most of whom we don’t know. But then the virus came, mass death and now we need to cover our faces and s p r e a d out. Our theatres and stadiums are closed but many have signs of thank you for all the medical personnel helping us, which they truly deserve. For now, we pray locked in our homes. I’m going to miss photographing everyone; most everyone will now have masks on, and with summer, sunglasses too. No expressions, no beautiful eyes, I sure hope this virus passes soon but safely.