Score: La Habana 03 - Amsterdam 02
Project info

I hold my camera still and wait, I act with patience, photography has shown me in so many ways to wait patiently, to be prepared to receive an image. I will wait until time stops before my eyes. I choose carefully whatever life I am entering and interrupt silently when I shoot. I have also learned to make fast decisions, to act fast and still not being noticed. To have the hability to travel to the future and visualize whatever I ambition in my mind, seeing what is so special about them. I have learned so much by being a quiet spectator in this process, in peoples ordinary days there is a quiet narrative that awaits for me to awaken in every shoot. Being quiet, not being present, but still making time stop. People not knowing I know so much about them. Remaining silent and present in my memories. I don’t think they know how many times I’ve reviewed those moments, how many times I’ve smiled and how their moments became part of my memories. I always thank them in silence.