The Popular
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The city, seen as an organic being, maintains a constant throb in motion. This rhythmic movement is typical of life in society, its codes of movement and communication, its forms of exchange, its nuances and behaviors. In this context, Bogotá's Carrera Septima, a street full of displacement, social struggle and tragic stories such as the strong events of the 'Bogotazo' in 1948, in which it was practically totally destroyed, plays an important role in understanding life. itself and the Colombian culture.

The Characters that inhabit, travel, work there live as if stuck in time, it is a place, out of place, where everyday life takes on an artistic sense, it is a place that smells bad, but I enjoy traveling, an unsafe place but to which everyone goes shopping, it is a third world times square that talks about Colombian popular culture of which I myself am a part.