Flags in Emptiness
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Main road to the Tomb of Patriarchs, Al-Shuhada Street has been a crucial market and a very vital zone in the city of Hebron. Further to the Cave of Patriarchs massacre in 1994, it has been totally closed to Arabs and partially reoponed accordingly to the Hebron Protocols; neverthless, the commercial activities remained closed and the street seems a ghost town.
In this decadent atmosphere, the observer is surrounded by emptiness. Only with an exercise of immagination, one can fill the empty spaces with ordinary and vital scenes. In such a creepy context, the brand new and candid, waving Israeli flags keep animated the ravenous spirit of nationalism; the perception is that the exagerated repetition of the icons of nationalism would just reinforce the logical framework of dominion and denial of others life. This exagerated number of flags, moving like an animated being, appears like the materialisation of that complex and multifaced force that has annihilated ordinary life in Al-Shuhada Street.