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Artist Statement, by Nadim Zureik

Even though I had been exposed to photography since my early youth, I became captivated with Photography and the magic of developing my own monochrome film, then printing it on silver paper in my own little studio at home, it was the ultimate excitement and show-off.

As I grew older, I became fond of travelling around the country and abroad, I needed to record these exceptional moments and beautiful landscapes which I was enjoying for the first time and wanted to share them with friends and relatives, I taught myself photography. When I had more time to devote to my hobby, my deep affection to art and being around artist friends, gave me the drive to study and master compositions.

Palomar College polished my professional photography skills, enhanced my sense of creativity, and made me knowledgeable and confident to tackle serious assignments or photo essays.

Now, my photo essays revolve around a theme, whether it is glamour, beauty, passion, struggle, or just plain street photography. When I am on an assignment, my eyes are always wonder, trying to visualize a significant geometry, I am a receptive, I frame my composition in my viewfinder until I am satisfied, I think then only about what I see, I tweak it, one click and my photo is captured, Color brings it to life, I must fall in love with my photo, it’s ready to be edited and revealed to the viewer.

This whole process makes my life more meaningful, Photography is like a deep ocean, a never ending learning process; staying abreast with software, and technology is imperative, self-improvement is perpetual. I am mainly interested in the shooting, this is why I stay active shooting on a daily basis in order to keep my mind and my vision sharp. Being receptive, coupled with our artistic flare differentiate us from others and make our work unique.

Nadim Zureik

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