What we see around us
Project info

The play with colors, silhouettes and shadows has been a mayor factor in my work so far, giving the images deep blacks. At the moment, one of my ambitions is to use the same principles but with more layering and lighter colors, much like the image "Windows", or "Umbrella". I try to experiment with the subject and angle, waiting in spots that seem promising and although nearly every image that i would consider a good one that i shot (to which the five here also belong, obviously) has a human in them in one way or another, which has been my main focus so far, i find my interest shifting towards the geometry and the contrast of a scenery moreso than the actual person in it, which i tend to only use as a reference point for the image.
So, my focus lies on the interaction between humans und their surrounding and the context they both give to the other, and i hope to deepen that understanding and feeling for these connections even more through my photographic journey to come.