Entre le Béton
Project info

Deeply fascinated by industrial structures and concrete architectures, Nanjing Tang focuses her work on contemporary urban landscapes and finding commonalities between different regions.
"Entre le Béton" was filmed in the department Val de Marne, suburban of Paris, which was rebuilt as part of the postwar reconstruction project. Concrete is almost the most used material in urban construction after the war, is a symbol of the era. And within the concrete, we can still find small pieces of the past times, it’s like a sponge of memories.
Mixed with her childhood memories in China, the realization of the project is ultimately a return to oneself, a search for the lost time. Saudade, a Portuguese word that expresses a complex feeling of melancholy, nostalgia, and hope, for lost and no return. Here, the 'Saudade' is built on the Déjà-vu for the places never really existed in her past, is a 'fictional' nostalgia.