Hong Kong Pro Democracy Protests
Project info

Feeling in need of a photographic adventure, the craving for shooting something meaningful and already being on my way to the USA, I decided to direct my stopover through Hong Kong and spend a short period photographing the protests. At the time, protests were only happening on the weekends, I had a few days of preparation to connect with locals, get a full rounded understanding of the situation at hand and equip myself. The first protest was in Yuen Long, and was in retaliation to the attack where roughly 100 triads/thugs attacked protesters, and anyone around them, in the Yuen Long underground station. I was nervous arriving, but once I got the camera out and started documenting the situation, I felt natural and pumped. The next day was a larger protest based around Causeway Bay, which escalated to another level of police firing down on protesters with teargas, sponge grenades, and pepper spray.
This was a self-appointed photographic project where I wanted to explore different aspects of photography.