Le Grand-Voyage ( The Great Travel )
Project info

Le Grand Voyage - Version courte names the power of movement, the desire it raises as well as the places through which it takes us. The «short» proportion lets us dream of a length to come. In these images, mediums and experiences are knotted and merged into a motif, that of transport. Since 2015, I cross West Africa. From Mauritania to Niger, passing from Mali to the Cote d’Ivoire, I wander in this space wondering about the relationship that we have with the road. The notions of space and time are at the heart of my production.

In Africa, the road is something important. It provides services. Food, medicine, technology ...
We also live on the road, because in cities, the road is not only a place of passage, it is also a place where we buy stuffs, or we meet people, ... Through my work, I attempts to show how Africa has captured this object space.

The images overlap each other. These fragments form cutouts in the movement and give a glimpse of the fleetingness of this perpetually bubbling African society. The means of transport is no longer just an object of the image, it becomes a figurative and allegorical form of dynamism. The issue of fragmentation is not so much a representation of the image as the arrangement of the pho- tographs as a whole. The photographic fragmentation breaks the illusion of a known, visible and meaningful reality. Also to understand, the spectator must go through and decipher all the strata of the started pattern.