HKHK - Hong Kong Human Kinds
Project info

Lives in Hong Kong a diversified multitude of visible - and invisible - human kinds who seem to belong to different worlds and epochs.
Obscure damp corners, lively street markets, glittering malls, slow-living fishermen villages, noisy blinking roads, polished skyscrapers, verdant countryside, overcrowded hives, modernity and atmospheres of times gone by: every face, every abandoned trace of a past existence reminds countless personal stories, roots and destinies.
In Hong Kong far different lifestyles and working rhythms, cultures and habits, mingle and overlap remaining themselves but, although looking distant and not communicating between one another, these worlds are all essential parts of the same eventful living stage.
The lens sometimes is bleary and blurred, sometimes bright and without secrets. It aims to witness life whilst this is happening, when it has already happened and also when it is just imagined.
As in a living fresco the goal of these images is to bring out the Poetry and the Beauty of the ordinary - yet extraordinary - existences which make Hong Kong's soul vibrant.
They are the result of over 3 years night & day wandering in the metropolis with my cameras and phone.