Points in Time
Project info

I’m searching for characters whose inner thoughts and memories manifest within the frame. The goal is to create compositions that ask the viewer to study my photographs with their own sense of vulnerability, to provide their own ideas regarding the emotional states of my subjects while using the visual evidence I have provided as a guide. The expressions people convey, the clothes they wear, the way they position their bodies, how they react to or attempt to influence their environment all tell stories. Life is circuitous, a continuation of beginnings and ends. It is fleeting and capturing it photographically is a way to document the beginning and end of each moment. All aspects of life come together simultaneously in a singular moment before dispersing forever. But photographs become relics of their own, renewed each time someone looks at them. In my work, I hope the viewer’s interpretation will reverberate and remain in their psyche after their own physical interaction with the pictures has ended. My photography is an attempt to document life’s intricacies and summarize the tensions and interactions of the human experience.