Morpheus / Modern Bedtime Stories
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Morpheus / Modern Bedtime Stories is an intimate look into the work of ASMR artists.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a fleeting sensation, like a swarm of tingles, that start around the top of the head and travel down the neck, spreading to the upper spine. This perceptual, but not yet scientifically exact, phenomenon is believed to have the power to induce deep relaxation and sleep, making it an effective remedy against insomnia and stress related conditions.

Over the last ten years, millions of ASMR videos have been produced and published by a growing number of so-called ASMR artists, YouTube video creators specialised in videos that help people find sleep and relaxation through whispered words and specific audio and visual triggers such as brushing or tapping on highly sensitive studio microphones.

ASMR artists create their contents at home, often in their own bedrooms, to help thousands of viewers experience tingles and get rid of stress and anxiety. Some go on to become real YouTube celebrities, while for the majority of them ASMR remains a full-time hobby that connects them with likeminded people in their home countries and all over the world.

And while technology is often blamed as one of the main causes for the widespread lack of sleep in highly connected societies, it is once again to technology that people turn to to seek deep relaxation and find peace.