The Land: Scene and Unseen
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Speaking of Kurt Schwitters: “Artists generally gravitate toward things that are over looked, forgotten or rejected”.
Ed Ruscha, Art in America, Nov. 2011

Looking at the Landscape
The landscape I shoot is the landscape I live with, the landscape I see everyday. I work with the environment around me, the environment I live it on a daily basis. There is the obvious such as Grand Canyon, G.G. Bridge, any number of Yosemite sites but what about the everyday seemly featureless landscapes; The R.R. Tracks, The Thompson Seedless Grape Vineyard, A field of push out tree piles waiting to be burned. Are these not something to cherish, to value. Is this not something that is stimulation, beautiful?
These photographs were exhibited at the College of Sequoias 11-2019 to 02-2020