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The Picklock

I like to think that, in a way, photography was born thousands and thousands of years ago, when our ancestors sat all together around a fire and listened to a story. Men, women and children - then hunters gatherers -, at the end of another long a challenging day, finally gathered and listened. ''Once upon a time...'' the story-teller would start and by those magic words he would stop the endless flow of time and enter another dimension. It was then that humans learnt that only artifices able to stop the flow of time can help explain, a bit, the sense of life, the secrets that are hidden beneath the unavoidable flow of the hours, the days, the years that carries us all.

Many thousands of years later, playing around with light-sensitive silver halide crystals, humans invented photography. It was a new artifact - the one I love most - but the substance did not change. Photography, like the primitive myths, is like a picklock that - by stopping the flow of time - can give us a glimpse of the spirit, the sense, the essence of living.

For me taking pictures is searching that picklock. It is a bit like going around and collecting material so that - in the evenings - I can get back to my tribe, sit around a fire under the stars and, before the next day starts with its load of challenges and hardships, stop the flow of time and tell a story. A story - a picture, in my case - that can hopefully reveal some, no matter how little, of the spirit of things. Yes, this is photography for me. No matter if taken while on work assignment in some war front or while on holidays at sea with my son, no matter if taken as part of a long project or unexpectedly during a sudden hail storm while walking home. I photograph to tell my story around the fire, scared by the wild animals I can hear move in the night, amazed by the starry sky above and by its mystery. A story that I hope will shed some light on the sense of my life and - if it manages - on the lives of others. A story that - anyway - celebrates the effort and wonder of humans living this life.