CoronaVi(da). La Terraza
Project info

During the days of strict pandemic confinement, it was hard for me to find a way to explain photographically what our lives were like during those difficult days. I thought the only way I could individually contribute to explaining a global phenomenon was to explain it personally. At least that's how the social sciences work.
I finally found it. My home's terrace offered me two interesting things: the privacy fence, which has always given me a sense of isolation, and also, in the opposite direction, the warm afternoon light and the blue sky. This fence, which while we were there reminded us that we were confined, gave us, on the other hand, a sense of protection. Closure and protection - isn’t that what we’ve all been trying to do these weeks? And the warm light, which we felt like an injection of energy into our bodies that they needed it so much. All of this was framed by aged walls that made the slow passage of time even more noticeable as if we were being told that we had been locked up at home for much longer.
Talking about our fears, about over-information or what we could do or not, was our daily bread. Still, spending time on the terrace or sunbathing in the afternoon were some of the little pleasures we had as a family during the first wave of the Covid-19.