Love Lives In Nature
Project info

Love Lives in Nature is a series within the Love Lives Inside Project, in which over 300 subjects close their eyes and connect with the universal and binding reality of love.

Love Lives Inside explores the intimacy of people imagining someone—or something—they love the most in the world. The photographs capture the inside realms of emotion when subjects turn their gaze inward to reveal a part of themselves.

These expressive portraits were made visible because they emanate from the darkness, as if they were spiritually lit from within to take the form of love for the world to see and connect on an emotional extent. As performers, strangers around the world join the effort to form an interwoven cultural fabric of love. In each frame, the subject communicates the internal depths and vast capacity for love. Yet, it is also the creative, outward manifestation of that same love.

The project invites viewers to imagine and interpret the subject’s thoughts. “The viewer is an observer (and receiver) looking in from the outside.” This power of imagination, letting our mind wander, and creating meanings is one of the reasons this set of work has a unique atmospheric feeling and magical possibilities.

Love is the active nurturing of spiritual growth. If we live kindly toward each other, humankind will be united with fewer social issues. The project reminds us to value our fundamental similarities. Loving-kindness happens when we clasp hands with other nations and cultures.