Project info

After years of working in the media, I found my world all of a sudden concentrated in the domestic space. I traded a sense of consistency and daily achievement for the irregularity of freelance work and the often mind-numbing dramas of full-time family life. As a photographer, I wanted to escape what felt like the trappings of domesticity and to be honest I didn’t see it as a legitimate source of inspiration.

That was until I read Sally Mann’s memoir. She wrote, “why it took me so long to find the abundant and untapped artistic wealth within my family life, I don’t know.” After reading her book, and exploring the work of photographers such as Elinor Carucci, I realised that there was something powerful and worthy in my experience as a mother and partner.

In this series, I wanted to stop and capture the daily dramas, the personal connections, the things often unseen or unrecognised and use those moments to explore what home is to me. I wanted to use light and shadow to charge my images with feeling and create a folio that isn’t sentimental, but instead ambiguous and emotional. On a personal level, I also needed to remind myself that there is worth and meaning to be found in my role at home.

So although this body of work might reflect on my own experiences, the images are not always fully explained or contextualised so as to give the viewer space to explore their own feelings of home and hopefully be moved by what they see.