Land of giants
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Known as "the city of the Midgets, Itabaianinha is a city of 30,000 inhabitants, in the state of Sergipe, northeast of Brazil. WIth about 25 times more than the national average, is considered the city with the largest population of dwarves in the world.
There is no official census, but the calculation is between 70 and 150 dwarfs.
Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism, commonly with long torso and short legs. But the cause of short stature in Itabaianinha is a rare genetic mutation that affects the growth hormone and is transmitted from father to son. Many dwarves were born into families related by kinship be in the same rural area reels. Some of them are carriers.
There is a government program to inject growth hormones in people of the city. Since the 90s, doctors, led by Dr Manuel Herminio Aguiar-Oliveira, treated about twenty children suffering from genetic mutation. The treatment is free and guarantees a normal height, according to the doctor, but some reject. "When they reach 1.40 or 1.50 time, they want to leave treatment. They are not ashamed to be small, this is common, they are happy, the city is like that."