La Famiglia - The Son
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Being the son of a typical italian family, especially if singleton, was and still is one of the key roles of the italian household. Referring to the '30, he was the one delegated to carry on the traditions since he was born: often working alongside and for his father, or leaving the birthplace for a better future and working on it to please the patriarchal model. He was the real hope of the family, served at the lunch table by his sisters and with more power than them in his hands. Its role is then transformed over time, with the natural transition of Italy from a predominantly agricultural country to an industrial one. He starts to study, travel and explore the world, going as more and more away from the maternal nest. Although the relationship with the mother still remains for the italian son one of the more controversial topics compared to the children from around the world. Infact, despite the changing times, if he's the first-born he will always be that. M.S.

All the pictures are all made by an unknown photographer. I found the negatives in a little old shop a lot of time ago. The son is the first chapter of a deep description of a typical italian family made with the photos of ''an unknown photographer''. Nico