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You walk down the street and eyes follow you.

You enter somewhere and suddenly they are watching you.

Sings, whistles, silly hands, sexist jokes, harassment, sexual and moral violence.

It doesn't matter your race, dress, appearance.

The only thing that matters is that you are a woman. Just be a woman.

After all, he is a man. He can't help himself. Thing of your masculine nature. He needs to say everything that comes to mind. Even if you didn't ask for it.

You just want to go out on the street and follow your route without worry. Without being someone's target.

But I don't care what you want. Because to him you are nothing.

Because as a hungry person who sees barbecue, for him, you are just a piece of meat, exposed in a butcher shop window for free appreciation and choice.

À LA CARTE is composed of fragmented portraits of women who have been transferred to meat boards and pose a question about the conception of the female body as an object of consumption