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January 3

Fourteen years ago I lost my son due to a sudden and unexpected illness that took him away in a few days.
In the following years the obsessive desire to see him again never left me, until I decided to fulfill a wish I had since I was a child: to adopt a dog.

Kalel came into my life on January 3, 2009 bringing company, light-heartedness and some little trouble.

Incredibly, chance also brought something unexpected along with it: Syria was born exactly one year later, on January 3, 2010.

From that day, I’ve been living my life like a fairy tale with a happy ending enriched by daily still images that mark its passing.

January 3 it’s the study of a physical and emotional geography. Syria’s body becomes a small world to explore and discover: small details, shades and colours alternate on a field of skin that still smells of birth.

I feel like a conscious spectator of a wonderful cycle: the book of my life that on a special day ripped me away from a downfall that semeed never to end, and brought me back to light.