Project info

Relationship due to irrelevant.
I will limit the current series to two people the subject, it was irrelevant while also there in the viewer's imagination to work.
Human beings are not alone, that recognizes for the first time themselves if there is another person.
That is the smallest unit of society of the relationship becomes to the fact that two people.
If you asked why two people, I have lived with my wife more than 20 years,it's two,but still there was emotion, various events.
Although it is currently reason matching during separation, the first also the two people is a stranger, irrelevant.
But it does not begin a variety of encounter from there.
Unrelated subject two people in one of the photos have been cut, but do not than something from there begins.
The title is put such a positive connotation was a "connection".
And though there is irrelevant, it leads somewhere.
Or it is connected.
As dating the beginning of as such human beings, I will submit this series this time.
Communication as one of the aspects of human nature, encounter, I'm happy if Could feel such a relationship from this series.