Panorama Mixtures
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About Panorama Mixtures Tabitha Beresford-Webb
Panorama Mixtures Tabitha Beresford-Webb
These pieces are from my GCSE project. The origin of this project was an interest in creating panoramas. I thought of it as a way to make my landscape photography more interesting and exciting. After creating numerous panoramas of various locations, such as my home Cornwall, South Wales, London and Paris, I was faced with the task of presenting them as a final piece which lead me to mixing the landscapes of Wales and Cornwall with the cityscapes and architecture of London and Paris. This resulted in Panorama mixtures. I intended for these creations to look surreal, however these unrealistic combinations of natural and manmade are actually somewhat believable, as there are in this world striking cityscapes teamed with bright turquoise seas, wildlife and mountainous landscapes.!panorama-mixtures/c7n7