Project info

Envision is the way to build myself a refuge: starting with cuttings from time, samples taken from here and there and put together, I distinguish the picture of a place, as real as anywhere physical. Bachelard said that the space captured by the imagination cannot remain indifferent, be left to geometric measurement and reflection, that it is experienced not only in its possibilities but in all the strengths of the imagination. This is why I uphold and practice this internal spatial experience, based on intuition as opposed to rationalism and things material.
In Envision I explore the house and the island. Apparently open to view, but hidden and secret in their temperament, windows turn in on this space captured by the unconscious, working like a mirror that I cross in both directions.
Inside this forgotten hiding place nature is my guide: listening and recalling the hues of each of my imagined memories, accomplice to the gloom and confusion, but also to the most glowing warmth.

This creation is my rest, the haven created to bestow harmony in the continuous shedding of origin, the paradise that is not a place on a map.

-Now I imagine tree bark attached to my skin. It is my home.
It protects me -