Alone Together
Project info

The contrast between isolation and connectedness creates an
uncomfortable space that I often occupy. These images represent
that aforementioned space. I aim to invoke feelings of familiarity
and detachment through seemingly universal spaces that could be
anywhere or no place at all. My goal is to create an empathic
connection between the audience and myself, drawing in the
viewer while keeping them at an outside distance.

Nostalgia advances with technology exemplified by the use of
retro filter apps that pays homage to artists such as Stephen Shore
and William Eggleston, but repeating to excess the social sharing
and instability of images a la the Polaroid camera. Prints are
tangible in a way that contemporary images are not; the same way
that connection with another person differs when mediated by a
screen. Although the feeds of phones are loud there is a quietness
brought about by peering into rectangular boxes.