Project info

Journeys. A journey is very often associated with a trip, moving to a different place, experiencing a new culture, which is what happens when people go on leave, often to a exotic place.

I see a journey not only on the physical plane but also on the emotions and intellectual planes, which sometimes also involves the move physically from one place to another. The physical part of the journey is the easiest to reach and to frame it in a picture, when the emotional side is the most difficult to capture. And in those cases where it is possible to capture, is the viewer getting what the photographer wants to show?

With these pictures, I tried to show a metaphorical journey, there is no concrete destination or a strict narrative. It is more a personal view, moving thousands of Kilometres, or going around the corner and still  undergoing amazing moments independently of the place we are at a given time. That is why the pictures are from very different and distinct places, the location is not the most important aspect but the feelings are. When I look at these pictures I see people looking up for something else, trying to discover what to do next, the way they keep going no matter what. That is what I feel when looking at the pictures.

I hope that the selection can transmit that to the viewer.