Venezia Magica Oscura
Project info

Venice is a wonderful city. Built in the water, on stilts in the mud of the lagoon. The city is steeped in a long history, the development of trade, power, culture and art can be felt everywhere. Venice is a continuous stream of surprises. Every stone has a history, every building has a secret. Venice is an experience, magic.
Photographing with a pinhole camera is also wonderful. There is no lens, no viewfinder, no technology. It is necessary to look very carefully and concentrate very well on the image, spend real time on the image. An attentive and slow way of working. You become one with the camera and one with the subject and thus with the photographic image. Pinhole photography perceives and appropriates the emotional charge of the subject, resulting in elusive and authentic photographic images. It is an experience, magic.
I immerse myself in the city. Often go back to the same place, the feeling that I search for is not always equally strong. It is nice to come back often, to feel the atmosphere of the city, to become part of the environment. And sometimes when everything comes together, that magic is there. Then Venice allows me in.Then I am present. Then I can make my sober observations, bordering on documentation. That's how Venice uses me to become a photographic image.