Unwanted Souvenir
Project info

The Refugee Crisis in Europe has been continuing since 2015.
I see refugees and migrants on the streets and in the metro stations of Paris where I live. This city, well known as a romantic holiday, is experienced as a place of escape and struggle for survival.
I considered how they would remember Paris as well as the other countries they travelled through. I then collected different stories of the news about their journey through other countries.

For many of us, these countries are connected to often cliché memories of vacations, where we go to get some sun, eat the local cuisine, and enjoy nice beaches or beautiful mountains.
Of course refugees have very different memories of the same places.
We have remembered the same places in a different way and so we probably want to forget or not know what they experienced there.

I designed and then ordered customised snow globes that show/depict some of their experiences I found on the news and then photographed them.
These souvenirs are meant to recall their memories.

When the crisis is over, a place like Lesbos will simply become a beautiful Greek island. Yet for the refugees show survived their escape in such places, the memories of struggling to survive will remain.