Project info

As a traveling observer, the theme of Journeys is dear to me.

My work, as my life, is largely conducted from that most valuable vantage point: in-between, slightly outside, and always moving. In every sense, I am a Traveler. This is a collection of glimpses into life through my experience.

I see life most clearly when I move. My eye is interested in the vast array of realities that exist simultaneously: a rich spectrum of experiences, both in our inner realms and our interactions with the world. Everything we are becomes most pronounced when we travel. Our sensors are their most awake, and we have the most inner space to meet ourselves and the world. It is where I like to dwell.

To me, life is entirely dream-like in its multiple realities, and I seek to share that sense through my images. The compass of my work is a fundamental respect and reverence for all life.