The Moon Revisited, Earthbound
Project info

Since June 2019 I have been reworking unprocessed images from NASA/JPL, and making my own images to express not only contemporary issues but also some that were relevant at the time of the Apollo missions.

These are sourced from copyright free materials that I have repurposed, processed, and composited to create a conversation about the unchanging aspect of the Moon contrasted with the Earth which continues to be a dynamic place where change cannot be prevented.

More recently the work has developed to include a new view on our own world expressed by the presence of a returning astronaut to a familiar earthly setting. These newer images are shown here.

The astronaut in 'Earthbound' is a 3D model generated from 3D scans and photographs of the actual spacesuit Neil Armstrong wore on the moon.
(3D model courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution)