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Since the 21st century, human has been highly connected in a new level. The use of new communication technologies, such as personal devices, social media and instant messaging, has enhancing, and radically changing, the way we live.

Despite the above, there is prevailing notion that technology contributes to social isolation. A lot of debate argues that, people's reliance on internet social network will lock them in a restricted ideological environment. It is so easy to add or remove friends on the internet to create a comfort zone, that guards them against exposure to any content that might contradict their viewpoints. This self-alienated tendency, of socially diverse and ideologically confined, will inevitably help set up a new framework for the modes of human connection.

This feeling of belonging to the like-minded world reminds my concern for the fragile humanity, the fear of loneliness, in the individualist age. I was interested in observing the cellphone users, and found a very contemporary situation in which people expressively exchange views but wear no expression on their faces. Those device-illuminated, deadpan faces seem like a representation of another existence. That was so fascinating and thus inspired me to reenact such modern ritual with this series.