Project info

Started as a fine art photographer, using a multimedia approach, Jacques Vermeulen creates lens based installations which are open for multilayered conversations with the viewers. Overlapping the real and imaginary world, this artist provides almost hypnotic visions. He explores different media to convey the message and induce feelings. Exploring various media helps him to fit and stronger communicate the emotions.
“My projects are like trees where the multiple layers in my head are growing into branches and leaves. I wish that my works become an aesthetic conceptual experience, instigating generative conversations with family, friends and people one did not interact with before. Some will behold the silhouette or look at the individual branches, others will zoom in on the leaves or even gaze at the leaf veins. Some will dig to see and feel the roots of the tree.
Jacques's work comes often with a concept map book, showing thoughts and revealing the process of "rooting the tree".